Wayward Arts Magazine. Obsessions: Snake Charmer

I have an illustration in Wayward Arts Magazine: Obsessions Issue #2. Conceived and designed by Vancouver-based design studio Signals. Each issue is put together by a different Canadian design studio who works to produce the magazine of their dreams. This issue is about online confessions. The story I illustrated was aboutSnake Charmer by Jessica Fortner a snake in love with his lady owner: The Snake Charmer.

Client: Signals for Wayward Arts Magazine
Art Director: John Belisle
Date: 21/07/2014

© 2014 Jessica Fortner. All rights reserved.

The story:

I read always snakes cant feel but I know thats wrong. My friend who would know, says you can develop a relationship and have them know you. Even love you. Her 12ft piebald Python has slept with her for 3 months now. He hasn’t tried anything on her, perfect behaviour. And if someone comes into the room he hisses and lunges trying to protect her. If he is smart enough to protect her it shows he cares. And any snake that can get an emotional attachment to a person stands to reason they feel love…




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